The 1xBet app Canada comes with tons of features

1xBet is probably one of the most well known bookmakers in the market. This company is highly featured in many ads, sponsorship deals, and much more. This article will explain some of the best aspects included with the 1xBet app Canada, and all of this will allow the reader to understand why this software has been so popular among not only 1xBet users, but also users of other bookmakers as well. First of all, it should be explained that it is possible to set up the software in both iOS and Android ecosystems. In either of them the software can be downloaded for absolutely free. Something great about this program is that its system requirements are very lenient, meaning that it is virtually universally compatible. For example, some of the things that Android users must consider are:

  • A screen size no smaller than 320x480.
  • At least 20 MB of free storage space.
  • Android 4.1 or newer (for full support of the live streaming features).
Practically every device used nowadays fulfill these requirements, meaning that no user will wonder whether their device can run it or not. In the iOS case, everything is more simple, as iOS 9 or newer is needed in the iPad or iPhone where it is intended to be executed.

What can be done from this app?

The short answer for this question is that everything that could be made from the desktop website is also available to be done from the mobile app and mobile website. In other words, for example, those who haven’t signed up yet can set up their accounts from this place without needing to visit the desktop website. Account owners can visit the casino section for example. All the games included at this place have been developed by some of the most respected studios in the market, which among other things, have helped to make them fully compatible with tablets and smartphones. Obviously the sports betting section is also available at this platform. Here the bettor can navigate through the entire sports area. By doing this it is possible to wager or simply to review the latest results, future fixtures, or check the fantastic live streamings for which 1xBet is well known for. In conclusion, the Canada 1xBet app is a fantastic platform that offers literally a world of fun and betting possibilities to all users directly to the palm of their hand. Considering that it has available all the features that are offered in the desktop website, there is no need to use this desktop website for anything if the user doesn’t want to.